Lithos Luxury Rooms stretches in the idyllic setting of Milos

Lithos Luxury Rooms stretches in the idyllic setting of Milos island, amidst the lush Aegean Sea and the serene blue of the sky .Lithos Luxury Rooms captures the spirit and the rhythm of the island and welcomes you to the most precious accommodation you have ever imagined.

Here, every step of the way, unfolds a unique 5-star experience, designed to offer you comfort and relaxation with a luxury aroma and, above all, spiritual rejuvenation. The excellent facilities that welcome you, from the elegantly decorated rooms, the impressive pool to the perfect service, ensure that we offer you a perfect environment that awaits its protagonists: you.

The first motivation to visit and stay offered by us is the location of Lithos Luxury Rooms. Milos is one of the most impressive Greek islands, mainly due to the imposing combination of blue waters and its intense volcanic character due to its rocks .However, Milos does not only offers natural beauty. It is also a destination with great historical significance and heritage.

Indeed, Adamantas, the port of Milos, is built in the safe embrace of a bay and is considered to be one of the largest natural ports in the Mediterranean. It is built with the traditional Cycladic architecture. Adamantas or "Alamanto", as it was previously called, is the most developed tourist center of Milos. It is also inhabited since 1824. It was built by Cretans hunted refugees from Sfakia, who came to Milos after their failed and bloody rebellion against the Turks.

Lithos Luxury Rooms